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Hello, and welcome to thebrightside…

I started thebrightside after a career in marketing and product management in the agribusiness, tourism and member service sectors. Whilst working for an agribusiness corporate I realised a niche for someone with an understanding of agriculture who could both write and design.

Like most people who grow up in the country I have a special affinity for the land. My parents are farmers. My grandparents were farmers. I’ve bought commodities from farmers and worked with rural businesses to sell products to farmers. Not everyone understands agriculture or the businesses working with farmers.

Whilst agribusiness is a specialty, we work with businesses from all sectors. thebrightside specialise in understanding your customer’s needs and the value you offer. We’re about promoting benefits over features and writing effective content that will engage your audience.

If you want to build your brand, promote a product, have a project you need a hand with, or if you’re looking for a writer and designer, then I’d love to chat with you.


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